Sweet Shoes

This is kind of a warm-up post, but in any case i found these shoes while trolling around the internet and they have to be one of the most beautiful pairs ive ever seen. At first glance it looks like its a lace maryjane, which makes them pretty but not awe-inspiring. Upon closer inspection its revealed that its actually patent leather, fucking LASER CUT to look like lace. Isnt that amazing? I think theyre beautiful and will probably be in a museum or something in a couple years. Theyre made by Fendi, and I was never really too much into them but these shoes are exquisite. At $555, its not probable that Ill get them anytime soon, but maybe Ill have an awesome tax return and ill do something retardedly crazy with it. haha. anyways, theyre available at eluxury.


Leilani said...

I want those shoes! Hehe.

Anastassia Chepelkevitch said...

do you mind rebooting the picture?
Or are you already a bit creeped out by me commenting on your 2006 posts?

laia. said...

done and done!