NYC Fall 06 I

Sorry about the lack of updates lately,but Ive been a little lazy. In any case, the first round of shows is on style.com and frankly I havent been completely blown away by anything, although there have been a few standout pieces.
So these are my top picks so far (In no particular order):
1. United Bamboo:

I really loved the blue color that United Bamboo's designers Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham used in this look. Its so vibrant and I really love the simple shape. I think its sexy without being britney-trashy or anything. In real life I probably wouldnt wear the sheer shirt and those sneaker-shoes type things. But theres something about this that just says Im awesomely sexy.

2. Sari Gueron:

Sari Gueron showed one of the nicest collections so far, her stuff is really girly without being frilly and all the clothes seem to be able to effortlessly combined with an existing wardrobe and it wont look too design-y, just beautiful. Anywho, back to the look shown here. Theres nothing really groundbreaking here but its just so nicely put together and it just made me wish i could own this. It also says a kind of understated sexy without being flashy or trashy. Its just pretty without making me want to hurl.

3. Doo.Ri:

Doo.Ri is slowly becoming one of my favorite designers. Her tightly edited collection was full of beautifully constructed jackets and dresses that seemed as light as air. Her clothes have a kind of classic feel to them but with a slight twist. There were two standout looks in her collection; the first look with an AMAZING jacket that reminds me of some kind of great gothic warrior or something but I dont think its costume-y in any way. I really fell in love with that jacket.
The second look is the dreamiest most beautiful dress. It has a hint of grecian draping in it but not in a literal way its usually done. It looks like its made out of stardust. Its stunning and quirky and if i had any red carpet events to attend, id wear it. ha!

4. Luella:

Luella usually has some pretty sweet looks in her collections, again nothing groundbreaking, just things that you can wear and look cool in. She has a collection going on with Target right now, and there are some cute things, really cheap and mostly fun. I liked this because I imagined that if I had to wear a suit to work everyday, this is what id dress like.

5. Tuleh:

I have never ever cared much for Tuleh, but I was killing time between classes so I decided to click through the collection and I came upon this dress. Its really grown up and glamorous, but theres something completely offtrack about it. Like I can imagine one of the characters from Valley of the Dolls wearing it and they look really glamorous but theyre all hopped on pills and alcohol so they still look totally crazy. I really really loved the print and that yellow color at the bottom of the dress is so unexpected. I think this is really amazing.
And the coat?? I dont care much for yellow and I think its one of the hardest colors to pull off but man, everything about it is awesome. The Print!!!!! The Color!!!! YESSSSS.

alright, thats all for today. There will probably be some steady updates in the coming weeks.
who am i talking to?

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Leilani said...

Why does that amazing coat have to be in the color I loathe most?! CURSE YOU YELLOW!