NYC Fall 06 II

The Marc Jacobs show was yesterday, and those who know me, know i love me some marc. His collection was truly truly luxurious, but not in a show-off kinda way. Everything just seemed incredibly comfortable and warm and cozy but it made me think of a queen. It had a touch of grunge to it (which is funny since i was talking to my friends about dressing like courtney love and heading to misshapes), except not grunge circa 1994, but like a grownup grunge with cashmere and just awesome fabrics. Here are my favorite picks:

Its tough but with a touch of grownup glamour.

70s new england student. fucking love this look. and did you notice the sweater knitted hat thing? fucking awesome.


So the only other thing that caught my attention was this fabulous Carolina Herrera dress. Its avery simple shape but the print reminded me of some kind of modern art painting (hahaha, like how i said modern art painting?) Anyways, her collection was of course fabulous and had class coming out of the whazoo. (HA) When im 60 i hope im as classy as her. Heres the dress:

sorry for the lack of structure in this post, but i didnt have a lot of designers to talk about.
is anyone reading this?

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Leilani said...

Hmm. I like the look of the MJ collection, but are those PANTS that the first two models are wearing, cause if they are they're about two steps away from turning into MC Hammer pants.....:(