NYC Fall 06 III

Sorry about not updateing yesterday but the internet line i was utilizing at home is now password protected; so im writing this from the last drop cafe. HA!
Im not going to beat around the bush, so here it is.
1. Narciso Rodriguez:

The look to your left was the opening look for the show and man is it awesome. Narciso has a very architectural approach to his clothes and they always have very clean lines, but also some kind of an actual concrete line to pull you in. When I first saw this the first thing i thought of was mondrian (especially with the boots) and the mondrian collection that yves saint-laurent did back in the day. I dont think Ive ever seen him use a print but hes really good with color (although both looks here are black and white). Anyways, I thought they both had a really good use of contrast, especially the one on the right with the tough leather-like top and the flowy bottom.he never really disappoints, his clothes are definitely for tough confident women who know what they want. sexy without the sex. yeah. i like him.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs:

This collection didnt sweep me off my feet the way the spring collection did, but it was still pretty neat. It was definitely inspired in the now which i find really amusing cause i remember being young and trying to figure out what itd be like when people had 90s costume parties and designers were inspired by the same decade. I found a little bit of grunge (although in no way literal), a little bit of raver (ITS MARC UFOS!) and a little bit of the Mary-Kate magpie look. This look in particular reminds me of that, and not that i thought that that way of dressing was cool and totally awesome, but i just really like the way this is put together. I mean, ive always been a fan of contrast between hard and soft and masculine and feminine and i think this has a little bit of it without being costume-y or design-y or literal. I also love the combination of the blue print with the brownish color (I LOVE BLUE AND BROWN). so yeah. sweet look.

The thing about Marc shows, is that he layers things like crazy and you look at individual pieces to see how its going to be in real life. While i dont really like the combination of the ugly pants with the shoes with the shirt with the short coat. i think the short coat is a phenomenal piece in itself. I love the structure and how short it is (practical? no, but who cares when you look this awesome!!!!!) it looks totally expensive, but since its marc, itll prolly only run you about 300 bux instead of a grand if it was any other line. i just love this, its chic and smart without being boring.

I really want a job where i can wear suits.

1. Derek Lam:

Derek Lam definitely has shown one of the best shows so far. His collection was beautiful and he was definitely not afraid to use color (AND BRIGHT ONES AT THAT). Hes very classy, and his designs have a very easy sensuality that is somehow grownup and youthful at the same time. I really liked this particular look because it seemed very Parisian chic but with New York City attitude, its kinda trendy without being boring or stupid and seems like it could be worn, straight from the runway, by a real woman on the street without someone looking at her and being like "OMG what, are they like, giving away derek lam clothes or something?" (i hope you heard the valley accent in that question). I thought it was fabulous.

I've been harboring a growing fascination with tonalities of kelly green lately, so when i saw this coat, i almost fell over my chair. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And theres something really cool about a very classic shape like a trenchcoat done in an extremely unusual and bright color. Trench coats are awesome because theyre mysterious. and mystery is sexy and awesome (see the circular train of thought there?)

MORE COLOR!!! is it totally new wave? YES! does that make it any less awesome? NO!

2. Rodarte:

This collection was eh. it was supposed to be all fancy gowns that cost a gajillion dollars because theyre handmade and they make things with 3 unique buttons that they had to find in yemen deep under a cave or something. i thought it was alright, but i did think that this coat/dress thing was just STANDOUT AWESOME!!! granted, its white, and white is lame, and they DEFINITELY get points taken off for the white stockings (wtf is this? working girl? the 80s??) in any case, itd make a really sweet wedding dress for someone that got married at a weird place or for a daytime ceremony or something. really really pretty.

3. Anna Sui:

Anna Sui is the queen of cool. Shes best friends with Marc Jacobs and i think hers is the only show that naomi campbell still walks (she always opens, of course). In any case, I fucking LOVE this. I see this and I think, man, i want to be THAT girl. i love the navy opaque stockings and the gold maryjanes and the rahj-glitzy babydoll dress with the english major cardigan. Everything looks perfectly together and it says SO much about who Anna is and who she wants her customer to be and I just cant get over how much i adore this.

4. Trovata:

Trovata didnt get a very good review on style.com, but they also cut them some slack because it was their first show, which was nice. Apparently they only had 3 months to put this collection together, but im sure theyll do real swell next time. Im kinda rooting for them cause i think its amazing that 4 guys from california can start a label from their dorm and make awesome clothes and then all of a sudden win the CFDA award for new designers and be famous and jack up the prices of their stuff. They also have AWESOME BRAND IDENTITY. the hang tag on their clothes is a little pouch with a pin and a story and its dyed in tea and they just pay so much attention to detail that i love them. I really liked this little dress. very simple and sexy but casual. you should definitely check them out.

5. Y-3:

This is the collection that Yohji Yamamoto does with Adidas. The reason why this look is here, is because i think thats the fucking coolest way to incorporate the Adidas stripes into a jacket. AND WHAT A SIMPLE JACKET IT IS! rounded bolero? its just brilliant. just look at it. look at how good it makes you feel. its the thrill of beautiful well designed things. yessssss.

this is all for today.

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Leilani said...

The Anna Sui and the Marc suit were my favorite things. God, I want money. GIVE ME MONEY, LAIA.