NYC Fall 06 IV

Fashion Week is wrapping up and i think that apart from the Donna Karan show, i dont really have any other shows to look forward to in the city. Once again, Im at the last drop so im not going to beat around the bush and just write.

1. Proenza Schouler:
Jack and Lazaro can do NO wrong in my eyes. I think that ive fallen in love with every collection theyve ever done. Their clothes are just so well crafted that its absolutely ridiculous and amazing. I went into Joan Shepp a couple months ago and they had gotten some of their clothes and I let out a little yelp when i saw them because i was star struck (can you tell how much of a dork i am?). Anywho, this collection was fucking amazing... now on to the clothes.

This was the opening look in their collection. Look at that jacket!!! Oh its so tough and awesome and if I could afford it, this is what Id be wearing all next fall. The color of the jacket is so deliciously rich and nothing makes me weaker at the knees than the combination of brown and blue. (the round toe pumps are also the best way to make this look easy chic and not slutty casual, pointy shoes would be a definitely no-no)

Another great coat this season. I love the structure and the utilitarian aspect of it but how it still looks very ladylike.The belt is a great great touch and the color is very rich. mmmm.

if you can make purple velvet pants seem absolutely fashion forward and relaxed, then theres nothing you cant do. This is so velvet goldmine! And the shirt could totally be worn with jeans or other pants that arent as flashy and would still give you THE EDGE.

2. Calvin Klein:

The theme for this collection was herringbone. This is fucking genius.
(For those of you not familiar with herringbone, its that fabric, i think usually made out of wool or a heavy material like that, used for mens suits and such. its called herringbone because it looks like the bones on a fishskeleton, with rows of opposing arrow-type things).

3. Phi:

I absolutely LOVE the pring on this dress. Its a little bit Native American, with a little bit of Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism added to the mix The colors are great as well. I dont care much for those shoes though, I wouldve out some black opaque tights and rounded toe t-strap maryjanes with it. Very lovely.

4. Zac Posen:
Unfortunately for me, Zac Posen's collection was mostly black. And all-black outfits that are tight to the body dont usually photograph very well, so i can only make out the collar and the hem of things. However there was one standout dress in a beautiful shade of petrol blue. Now, when you look at this dress, dont look at it as a dress. Look at it as an object, a sculpture made of fabric of sorts. The draping and construction on this is just absolutely amazing and my eye keeps getting dragged down to her foot and that beautiful group of pleats right above that and I can just think of how long this took to make and all the patience that making this entails. Just.Breathtaking.

5. Vera Wang:
Let it be known that I reeeeally dont (or used to?) like Vera Wang. I remember watching a documentary about her a long time ago and she was altering a dress and she kept asking her assistants to do things that werent possible and they seemed annoyed at her; and then i read something about her doing a photoshoot that involved some priceless fur coats and the ocean and i was like hmmm we'll see about this lady. Anyways, lately shes been making absolutely beautiful dresses (not of the wedding variety, which is what shes known for), but of the academy awards kind. And i find myself being like OMG look at that, who made it? oh, vera wang. guess i dont uh like it as much. So this season, to further win me over, she based her collection around Rothko. Yeah, fucking Rothko.

Im too upset to say anything about them, but if I wasnt,i would say something like how the first look is utterly breathtaking and how i love the contrast of the cardigan with that awesome closure on the empire line with the flowing fabric and beautiful colors. Or I could say something about how the second dress is the most beautiful shade of brick orange/red that ive ever seen before and that even though im not a girly girl i absolutely love those flower-like drape things on the shoulder and just the absolute beauty of this and all of the fancy things it makes me think of. But i hate vera wang (i think), so im not going to say anything.

Thats all for today.

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Leilani said...

I love that last Vera Wang dress. It's like the dress I wore in my fantasies, where I was a goddess and men were worshipping me. Ha. And the brick red color is the blood of the men who I have smited with my stare! GRRR!