NYC Fall 06 V:

Sorry I havent updated in a week, but Ive been in a bad mood what with not having internet or a job and all.
oh well.
On to the last word on New York City:

The last day of fashion week was a little disappointing and frankly i had to look things over a couple of times before picking what i'd post here. Especially disappointing was the fact that Karl Lagerfeld's show yielded no looks. NOTHING AT ALL! Oh well, im sure that the Chanel and Fendi shows will knock my socks off. so its cool.

1. Nathan Jenden:

Jenden is a newcomer to NYC fashion week, but previously he had worked with Galliano and Daryl K. He had a nice collection of clothes suited for the hip-artsy woman who isnt afraid to stand out for the right reasons. He had daywear stuff as well, but i liked these two dresses the best (although i didnt care much for the shoes and think that the boots on the second outfit are especially horrendous). But anyways, i loved the way the second dress is built with ruffles but matched with this very loose, almost shawl-like jacket. It makes it a little brainy and adds some toughness to it. I also love the greyish tones, they remind me of asphalt and I think that helps to take the frilly away from the dress. The second dress is just a pretty princess dress, but I think the proportion and the pring make it a bit unusual. and i love how theres print inside the pleats and how it shows a little and breaks down the geometric composition. very nice.

2. Donna Karan:

I was definitely let down at this show. I looked it over a billion times to make sure I hadnt missed anything and all i could come up with was this coat. Granted, its a very beautiful and simple coat but its still only one thing and Karan is one of my favorite designers. Oh well. I like the shape because it reminds me of kind of a something that like a middle class mom would wear in an old movie or something, in the 40s or maybe the 50s. But the color makes it absolutely fabulous and takes it from a regular coat to a luxurious look-at-me-now coat.

3. Zero Maria Cornejo:

Another must-have coat. I love absolutely everything about it. The coccoon shape, the raspberry-esque tweed. The thick tw-button empire waist closure. Its just so classic and forward at the same time. Just beautiful.

Alright, thats it for today.
Stay tuned for the London Shows, starting tomorrow.

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