shoes! shoes! shoes!

I haven't updated this in a while because I've been super busy with school. But now that there are just a few days left, and I'm feeling really comfortable about the amount of work I've done I figured it was time to continue my little writing experiment. Well, that and the fact that style.com had their accessories report and I gasped a bajillion times looking through it. Here are a few pieces that are just absolutely incredible and unbelievable.


Are these shoes practical? No. Do I care? Absolutely not. They are just so beautiful and they have a wood inlaid!!! They are a sculpture to be worn on your foot. You know, if you're always chauffered around so you don't break your ankle or anything.
I LOVE Nicholas Ghesquiere. Every season is better than before.

2.Pierre Hardy

And in the subject of art-as-footwear (which I think all of the shoes I'm showing here are). Check this beautiful pair out. Totally space-age fantastic but oh-so-classy. I can imagine wearing some kind of streamlined jersey layers in a neutral color with these amazing shoes. It is also such an unexpected mix of materials and shape but it just works out perfectly.

3.Alexandra Neel

Have you ever seen a sexier pair of shoes? These are just absolutely stunning, I love all the craftwork that went into this, and I bet they look amazing on the foot. They would create such a nice line up the leg and I would imagine a very sexy but sophisticated woman wearing these with a black pencil skirt and maybe a white button-down shirt thats unbuttoned one button too low. Maybe some pearls. A high ponytail. And black rimmed glasses. These are absolutely spectacular.

4.Marc Jacobs

Ah, my Marc. Back when the fashion shows were happening a couple months ago and I saw the shoes I absolutely fell in love. They are clunky, yes, but there is something utterly irresistible about them. I LOVED these because of the mix of materials and especially that little lace detail in the back, which brings something so girly and charming to such a fauve shape.

5.Louis Vuitton

DUDE. LOOK AT THESE SHOES. Seriously, my Marc is a genius. These are seriously art. I would buy them and put them on a special shelf with lighting and oh my god. I can't wait until the fall fashion photoshoots start happening cause I really want to see how they look on the shoe. But look at those lines! Absolutely beautiful.


Leilani said...

How the hell would you walk in that last pair, though? They're awesome, but I still don't understand them? Haha.

uvita said...

yo vi hace tiempo unos de dolce and gabbana que <3 wow! i fell in absolute love