New Idea: Nostalgia

Inspired by Vogue's "Nostalgia" section and their most excellent August issue, I figured I would attempt to do a little something like that in here. That, plus I've been wanting to update this for forever, and maybe if I write here at least once a week I will get really good and then get a job doing it haha.
Anyways, their August issue has Linda Evangelista on the cover. Its been like a gajillion years since they had a model on the cover (much less a Supermodel, and I'm not using that word the way everyone uses it now, where any girl can do a little ad for their local Wal-Mart and all of a sudden they're a supermodel; I mean it in the true, old-school kind of way). So I was looking at the cover and it reminded me of another cover she had done, many many years ago (I'm thinking it was the late 90's possibly a September or October issue where she is outfitted in beautiful crimson colors, possibly a fur, possibly Gucci), and how much I studied and dissected every issue of Vogue my mom purchased.
After each issue was thoroughly read and re-read and discussed with my mom, it got cut up. I saved all the Versace ads, because they were beautiful and full of bright colors and models that were strong and sexy and everything that I wanted to be. I also saved all the Gucci ads because they were saucy and I absolutely LOVED Tom Ford. I also saved all the Prada ads because they were always mysterious and the girls were full of a weird allure (double points were given to a magazine that had Miu Miu ads because they were always SO hard to come by and always had the COOLEST clothes). Then, I would tear out any other ad whose clothes I liked. I also saved EVERY fashion story, EVERY cover (unless it was some random celebrity I didn't care about), and EVERY Vogue Index. All the covers went into a little binder where I separated them by cover model (including a little sheet where I tried to write down all the autobiographical information that I could find on them).
Although I didn't grow up during the "Supermodel Era", I did manage to catch the last bits of it. I remember Nadja Auermann being photographed in sky-high heels by Helmut Newton and being completely hypnotized by the images, and I remember Linda Evangelista with a million different hair colors. The August Issue was dedicated to all of them, and all the ones that came after them, the "girls" I grew up with; Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy and all the rest (my personal favorites, Kristen McMenamy and Trish Goff weren't included because they weren't as big). They showed images from all their best work and it was like looking through a yearbook, where you have all this memories and this images vividly embedded in your memory and for just a second you feel like you did back then. I calculated that my earliest fashion memories are from around 1994, which means I was 10 when I started to furiously study the contents of Vogue. But my interest in fashion came from way, way before. I think it was in 1992 when my grandmother gave my a Crayola Fashion Design kit that I took everywhere and it wasthe only thing I ever played with. Fashion became my life, it was everything I wanted to do with my life, and models and fashion designers held equal court on my teenager walls as did teen heartthrobs like brad renfro and billie joe from green day (my first crush in 6th grade!!!).
Now, Im soon to be 22 and finally embarking on the fashion adventure of my youth, moving to New York. I'm taking Linda's cover as a signal that the tide has shifted and I will be lucky. Because everything that I grew up with and idolized has come back to welcome me into my new life.

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