NYC Spring 07 II

Second day is infinitely more exciting and I saw some super rad stuff. No beating around the bush, I'm just gonna go right into it.

1. Alexandre Hercovitch

Hercovitch's collection was inspired, in part by the Nbdele people in Africa. They are known for their use of geometric patterns to decorate stuff. (Which weirdly enough I knew about because when I was little my mom gave me a really cool book about a little Nbdele girl who had a pet chicken and it showed her mom painting their house in these awesome bright colors and patterns. It was called "My friendly house, My friendly chicken and me" I believe... but I digress). This was my favorite look in the show. I really liked the simple shape of the jacket, how its fitted in the right places but totally fuss free and then the contrast of patterns and colors. I can see the inspiration, but not in any kind of obvious way, just a hint of spring awesomeness.

2. Jenni Kayne

Kayne is from LA. Which means everything had that Nicole Richie/Mischa Barton vibe. There were some pretty cool things though, everything short, young and carefree. The colors in the first look are absolutely awesome. There's something to be said about a short dress with a cool BRIGHT leather jacket that is so "i-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-look-fabulous" thing about it. (Might leather jackets for spring be a new trend? It's the second one I've picked!) The jacket is kind of 80s-ish Michael Jackson Thriller thing, but maybe thats why I like it so much.
The second look is just cool. Nice golden color, beautiful pleating... just what to wear after a day on the beach when yr tanned and yr skin looks awesome and the saltwater in your hair actually makes it look better. It made me miss my beach days in PR. Really nice stuff.

3. Karen Walker

Walker is also from Australia. Her collection was cool. This was my favorite look even though it's kind of ugly. It's like one of those girls you see walking around that even though the stuff they're wearing is hideous, somehow when put all together it looks really cool and it pisses you off that you can't pull it off yourself. But then you think she looks kinda retarded and smile to yourself. I don't think I'd wear this, and I'm not exactly sure why it's here, but I'm strangely attracted to it. Deal with it.

4. Ruffian

This is a dress with beading modeled after the blueprint of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.

5. VPL

This was a really cool collection with awesome colors reminiscent of warm spring afternoons. The fabrics looked soft, slinky and fabulous. The first look is so effortlessly chic, and I even love those sandal-booties thing. I loved the colors and the fact that I feel like when it gets chillier later at night, I can somehow wrap myself in excess fabric and be awesome. The second look is just fucking cool, man. I'm really trying not to curse, but it's the kind of thing, that I'd really wish I had the guts to wear with some kind of gigantor chunky boots or something and call it a day. You know, with like a denim vest or something, and be one of those girls that I hate. haha. This was one of my favorite collections I think.

See you all tomorrow!

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