NYC Spring 07 IV

Spring season is turning out to be most interesting. If anyone is reading this, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.
1. Marchesa

So Marchesa is supposed to be kinda couture and fancy or whatever, and while all of their dresses seemed really awesome from a construction point of view, it got boring really fast. They had this flower motif that they explored in every single garment they showed, and while awesome and stuff. I didn't care much for it. I thought most of the pieces were too costume-y and literal interpretations of flower, and who the hell wants to go around dressed like a gigantic flower? This however, I liked because I thought it was an ingenius way to explore it, and gave the dress wonderful, unexpected volume.

2. Peter Som

This collection is definitely made for older ladies who lunch or whatever. It was alright stuff, but even with that target market, I wasn't particularly impressed. I did really like this dress however, because I thought it struck a perfect chord between youthful chic and adult elegance. I really love the fabric because it reminds me of a very fine jersey even though I'm sure it's something way more luxurious.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs

I was a little disappointed by this show, but it's ok because the Marc Jacobs show was so absolutely deliriously wonderful. This was the only look that I really loved from the show, I'm sure when spring time comes around I'll fall in love with a bunch of stuff, but maybe I had a hard time trying to imagine each piece individually even though I looked at the pictures a bunch of times. This is something that I'd actually wear just like that in real life (sans the shoes). The show had a sweet 40's feel to it. And I liked a lot of the menswear. Plus, at the end of the day, I will always love Marc.

4. Anna Sui

Anna Sui always puts on an awesome show. Trends be damned, its always really cool and totally rock n' roll. I dont know what the first dress is made of but I think its really awesome. Very girly and white, the way a lot of dresses are turning up in the spring runways but I love the eyelet and though I'm not a big fan of bows I actually like these because they create really awesome volume that makes it a bit subversive. Its innocent but very peek a boo sexy. I also love love the shoes with the sweet legwarmers. The second look is secretly awesome. Take away the bow on her head, the glove and the fishnet leggings and this dress is absolutely stunning. I'm guessing its crushed velvet over net or something, or at least i hope it is because it seems very baroque and fabulous. Its a naked dress but not. Very fucking sexy.

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors did his thing, the way he always does his thing. His shows are always super grown up and jet-setting, and although I can appreciate the clothes they usually don't appeal to my immediate aesthetic. This season however, I actually found something! The first look is the epitome of unfussy chic. I love everything about it. the color palette, the layers (I LOVE LAYERS!) and even the little leather clutch shes carrying. Really chic. Also, Michael really knows how to cut a swimsuit without showing the ugly in between-leg/crotch area. Plus, how absolutely glamorous is this? Take me to Capri right now!

6. Y & Kei

I don't know much about Y & Kei, and I don't remember seeing any of their fashion shows before but I absolutely LOVED this. There's something very Hitchcock beauty about this coat dress (probably because it's paired with that short awesome wig). I really really love the shape. But for real life wearing, I would pick a brightly colored belt like purple or red. Stunning.

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