NYC Spring 07: Marc Jacobs

A lot of ground to cover today since I got home really tired yesterday and didn't have time to post. There's some really good stuff up ahead so let's get to it!!!

I have to start with Marc because hes my favorite ever and this collection did not dissappoint at all. On the contrary it took him, to a ridiculous new level. And after a visit to Saks this weekend where I got to see some of his Fall fare up close and personal, I must say I'm absolutely infatuated.

This was the second look of the show and I'm already weak at the knees. It's kind of prim and proper and a bit ugly, but it still makes me think of some magical makebelieve land. I'm not a big fan of the cap, but otherwise, I think this is just really weirdly pretty.

This dress is a sight to behold. Is it wearable? No. Does that make it any less awesome? Hell no!

All of a sudden this tropical dream emerged. It has the same awesome volume of the previous one, just in a much awesomer and wearable way. If I still lived in Puerto Rico and was loaded, this is all I would ever wear. I love the mix of colors and prints.

If I ever get married, I want my wedding dress to look like this. It's innocent and ethereal and even a little bit virginal, but with a wicked twist. It's really, really beautiful.

This dress, is pure couture dreamworld. where else in the American collections do you ever see anything like this? This is just like what you see in Paris and he is just doing what his little heart desires. Amazing

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