NYC Spring 07 V

1. Behnaz Sarafpour

I love how absolutely simple this dress is. As an added bonus, the totally awesome zippers on either side of the dress. Very sexy. I love zippers. And I love pockets. And this dress has both. I also really, really love the shoes. This was one of my favorite shows and I think Behnaz is slowly developing into a super awesome designer. This show has all the futuristic vibes that I've been looking for in other shows but they have fallen short. I am really looking forward to what she'll do in the future.

2. Malo

I don't really care for this brand, nor do I think I have in the past. But I really, really loved this sweater. Like. REALLY loved it. I loved the chunky part and, as i said before. I love zippers and this sweater has one!!!! I also loved the silver detailing on the hems. Very futuristic also (see a pattern here?) I think I'm officially calling Spring 07 the Jetsons season. We'll see how the rest develops.

3. Derek Lam

I really liked Derek Lam's collection. He had a nice variety of looks and silhouettes and everything felt very natural and not forced. I have discovered that if you put a combo of shorts, a cool gauzy shirt, and something on top, I'll probably buy it. Maybe I'll actually make an effort to dress like that this spring. I just love how unpretentious it is, and the mix of fabrics. Did I say I loved layering? Cause I do. Then all of a sudden this look came out. Very African safari. I loved the prints and the colors but there's something about the construction and the cutaway top that I really really like. At least I think its a dress, which would make it really really cool. But I guess as top and bottom you can just get the top, throw it over a pair of skinny black jeans and you're good to go. Awesome collection.

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