NYC Spring 07 I

Fashion week is here and I'm actually in New York. Although I will attend no fashion shows, I have given myself the goal of a Marc sighting and a Proenza Schouler sighting (or one of them at least). I'm excited, now unto the fashion!

1. Toni Maticevski

So, this is Maticevski's first NY fashion show and it was alright. Style.com gave it a mixed review, but i guess its alright for a beginner. There was nothing extremely crazy, but I did think that this little dress, although VERY reminiscent of Chloe, was a nice dress to wear in springtime. Very diaphanous and girly. Im not sure about those shoes with the fur cuff though..

2. Yigal Azrouel

This is the first time that I care about anything that Yigal has designed. But as soon as I saw this outfit I fell in love with it because it looks HELLA cool. I love the casual leather jacket devoid of any irony or douchebaggery, just cool i-decided-to-throw-this-on-just-in-case-it-gets-a-bit-chilly kinda thing. Very simple and chic.

Alright, thats it for today. Slow start, but tomorrows another day!

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