London Spring 07

Sorry I didn't post about these shows before, I've been in kind of a pickle!

1. Burberry:

I have discovered that I have a thing for voluminous sleeves. Which I guess is why I always liked dolman sleeves and such, because its this little bit of unexpected volume that completely flips your shape around. I absolutely ADORE this (updated) trenchcoat (ish).. It’s very girly yes, but It’s so renaissance crazy, that if you see a girl wearing it, you know she’s hiding something darker beneath the surface. The black patent pointy booties, are only a hint of what’s to come.

I really liked this dress because it’s very simple. I love empire waists and that peacoat button detailing. The fabric is absolutely fabulous, and goes perfect with my Jetsons theme for the spring. And it has pockets! YES!

This little number is just awesome. Somehow it managed to remind me of both joan of arc and (again)the retro-modernist vibe that’s going around. This one is just really simple, nice pleated skirt in a gorgeous fabric, simple tee and GORGEOUS sparky vest/over shirt, whatever you want to call it. This is something that I would totally wear just like that, right now. Its dressy casual and has so much shine, I could never be wallflower again.

2. Aquascutum:

I have a big problem with this brand because the name reminds me of scrotum. Water scrotum in fact, so its very hard for me to take them seriously. (Yes, I know they’ve been established for forever, but you mean to tell me that no one really realized what they were naming their company? Do the British have another word for scrotum that I’m missing here?). This trenchcoat I absolutely loved though, I would be willing to wear it even if I had to tell people I was wearing wet balls. I loved the shape and the nice punch that the primary colors pack. It reminds me of something child like and happy, even though it doesn’t necessarily look it. Good job balls, good job.

3. Giles:

This is a very simple almost demure little black dress. But when you take into consideration the fabric, the way he fabric is pleated and seamed with those sharp angles, it becomes something slightly subversive. I loved the button detail at the neckline too. And you know, those spiked heels might add something to that whole subversive thing, maybe.

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