Milan Spring 07: Marni

Ok I have something to admit, over the past few months I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Marni aesthetic. Yes, it’s kinda bohemian and maybe even a little hippie-ish, but there’s something irrevocably fresh and modern about it. (Plus, her shoes are always kind of clunky and ugly and that makes them SOOO CUTE!)

So almost all the looks in this collection had this gorgeous (wooden?) belt. This is such a simple look, but I love the volume of the over coat and the contrasts of the very industrial grays and silvers with the earth-y-ness of the belt. I hope one day I’m cool enough to pull things like this off.

This is so beautiful. Again, very very simple but nonetheless impactful. I absolutely ADORE this coat. It’s made for a princess! But devoid of any girly embroidery or glitter or ribbon or any of the things that 5 yr old me thought that princess clothes should have, it becomes so modern and I just love it. I would probably wear something very bright under it, just so it could peak out a little and make it more me.

The low cut leg. Oh how I love thee. I really love this. I would buy it and wear it everyday. Like one of those girls I often talk about. I don’t think there’s anything else I need to say because you should all know by now how I feel about the low cut leg.

Grease redux for the future. Its such a classic outfit. Boatneck tee, Capri pants, coat. But when you change the fabrics into something shiny and (presumably) “plastic-y” (i.e. leather, coated canvas), then it’s just too cool for school. The Capri pants also seem to be made of a very, very soft jersey. This is effortlessly cool.

I loved this dress. It has everything I could ever love. Blue, check. Voluminous dress with semi-crazy sleeves, check. Awesome waist-cinch belt, check. This is something I would seriously consider saving money and buying it because I just love it. LOVE IT.

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Lali said...

Hola! I wasn't aware that you had a blog, so don't worry about the shameless self-promotion it brought me here.

In response to your posting today I must say, I love that designers are not skimping out on materials, texture and mix-match fashion this season.

That's my two cents. That and thank you for getting me addicted to yet another blog!