Milan Spring 07

Again, sorry for the delay, but I wanted to make sure I posted them anyways.

1. Fendi:

See this dress. Cute, right? Right. Know what it’s made of? LASER CUT LEATHER. Oh so beautiful. This spring is all about white dresses and leather jackets, but when you have a beautiful (possibly) light-as-air laser cut leather dress, then, lets face it, you’re way ahead of the pack and you rule above all. Karl Lagerfeld is another genius and it’s kind of ridiculous really. But I really love this.

Another simple graphic dress. I loved that the panels seem to be interwoven. I’d really like to take a closer look to it because I’m sure the construction will absolutely BLOW MY MIND. But for now, I can just say I like it. And I do.

2. Gucci:

This season Frida Gianinni, didn’t do much for me. Nothing new, and most of it was lacking the Gucci Sex-Appeal, in my opinion. But I did like this dress a lot. Again, the voluminous sleeves make me go gaga for it, and the print seems perfect for a sunny summer day. The shoes are gross. But yeah, simple dress with cool print and crazy sleeves. I’ll take it.

3. Jil Sander:

I love the colors. Love it. Love the contrast of materials. Love how boyish and simple it is. But it’s also a little sexy. Smart sexy. The kind that doesn’t ever get on the cover of Maxim or FHM or whatever the crap those other magazines are. The kind that Lindsay Lohan an Paris Hilton don’t wear, don’t get and hopefully never will. I really really like this. A couple seasons ago three was al this hoopla about Raf Simons taking over the Jil Sander label and I can see why. He gets it. He really gets it. And this totally reminds me of the awesome minimalist 90s that I grew up on but without looking like a rehash, just a fresh take on the label’s history.

This dress was such a surprise. Even though it is sparkly and multi-colored I think there’s still a restricted quality about it because it is such a simple shape and it creates a tension in that it wants to be fitted but it’s still loose. Not quite a blouson and not quite a shift and not quite a bubble. But I think its fantastic. I also love that the model has her hair completely slicked back and is wearing no makeup and no accessories; and yet the dress is not wearing her SHE is wearing the dress.

4. Missoni:

This dress is magical. This is a dress you wear to go to brunch on the sunniest of Sunday mornings, when spring has started to become summer and you want to sit outside and enjoy delicious French toasts with powdered sugar and fresh fruit. And you drink mimosas and have crème brulee for dessert while you chat away with your girlfriends about the things you did the past weekend, and the things you want to do for the rest of your life. And then after you’re done you go walk in the park and play with all the puppies and maybe one of them likes you and comes running to you and then the owner of the puppy comes by because it’s time for them to go, and suddenly you are both getting gelato and getting to know each other. And maybe you fall in love and live happily ever after. Or maybe you just had the best Sunday ever in your new Missoni dress.

5. Versace:

I have ALWAYS wanted to have a swimsuit like this. When I was little and wasn’t jaded enough to draw and sketch to my heart’s content I would draw swimsuits like this all the time. There’s something so classy and sexy about a “bikini” like this and I just love it. I love the color too. Plus, I’m very picky about swimsuits because I happen to thing that the area where the leg meets the torso is the ugliest area in a woman’s body ever which is why high cut bikini bottoms and swimsuits circa the 1980s give me the heebie-jeebies. But this one is cut right where the ugly starts and it’s SO much more attractive. Seriously, take this from me, you can have the tiniest bikini bottom ever, but as long as the leg is cut low like this one then you got yourself a winner. I love this. I want it. No seriously, get it for me.

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