Paris Spring 07: Balenciaga

Ah, my Nicholas Ghesquiere. He seriously never ceases to amaze me. I think at this point he really can do no wrong, A. because hes a genius, and B because I think all of the fashion world is completely enamoured with him and even if he sent models wrapped in poop and saran wrap, it would still be hailed as the future of fashion.

The last 3 seasons have caused Ghesquiere mania, and this one will definitely continue it for spring 2007. Like I’ve ben saying since theshows started in NY, the spring season is all about futurism with a slight hint of retro-modernism. This collection was all about the future though, and it was absolutely fantastic.

This dress is channeling my beloved Gianni Versace’s dresses of the early-late 1990s. Very unforgiving and formfitting, but I think the seam details and the materials make it strictly Balenciaga. The jutting angles and the mix of textures make it look so tough and but utterly sexy at the same time. Plus, its blue, and I always love me a sexy blue dress.

The white dress is definitely another big trend for the spring season (although, it’s a white dress, is that a trend for every spring season?). I loved the shirt quality of it and the kind-of bubble but not really skirt. The leather vest takes the edge off of wearing a flowy white dress that under any other circumstances would be considered angelic and feminine and all those other “pink” words. The strong shoulder line helps a lot in providing the dose of fuck you attitude the vest brings.

Again, utilizing a white dress as a base, this one a more literal presentation of the shirt dress, ghesqueire manages to turn this woman into a warrior. I’m not exactly sure if she’s wearing a scarf with a jacket or if it’s a cape or what, but to tell you the truth it doesn’t really matter because it looks absolutely killer. That diagonal leather band is reminiscent of those backup ammunition things (which the name totally escapes me right now, but im sure you know what im talking about), which is totally intentional of course, and just finishes delivering his message home.

I want this jacket. No, really, I do. Its so fabulous and weird and I just love it. (Another trend developing for the upcoming season seems to be leather jackets, just wait till you see it in the spring magazines, if I even see one spread devoted to them im going to be really happy and buy myself something ridiculous as a reward, but I digress). So back to the jacket, its so protective, and architectural at the same time, but it doesn’t make the model look like shes wearing a sack of potatoes. Even when it’s not completely fitted it still shows off the model’s body. Very sexy. But French sexy (cause you know, that’s a different kind of sexy).

I chose this look because I adored the leather jacket. Loved the used/old texture of the grey color and absolutely ADORED the shape. Ok, I think I want this jacket too. Dammit.


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