Paris Spring 07 I

1. Costume National:

Very subtle and beautiful. Reminds me of what a ballerina would wear in her boudoir. The color palette is exquisite, and I love the shiny silver fabric with that European pink sweatshirt-like over it. This is exactly what you wear to a secret rendezvous with your French lover at dusk.

2. Ann Demeulemeester:

This look just made me stop and look closer. I really love how its so involved visually, but at the same time you know it’s a totally no fuss outfit. The ombre detail really, really made this something else, and I think it’s the best way I’ve seen it used so far, because its just like the shirt is melting away into the pants and it’s just in perfect visual harmony.

3. Undercover

This is how cool people dress to go to work. (Button up a button or two extra, of course.)This is how I want to dress to go to work. Oh lord I really do like it even though there’s nothing extraordinary about it. Its just so cool and relaxed and sexy and the color palette is austere enough without making it boring. Phenomenal.

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