Paris Spring 07 III

1. Celine:

I don’t remember caring about Celine, since Michael Kors left it. Granted, not that it’s anything that appeals to my demographic, but I think it’s been out of the magazines for the most part. I think this collection might change that a bit. All the looks had that rich lady vacationing feel to it, but a lot of it also felt very youthful. I really loved the first look because it seems like the perfect thing to throw on after you’ve been tanning all day drinking cocktails. It’s very soft, but I love how “weird” the jacket is. I love that it made me stop and look closer. The second dress I chose because it is SO AIRY! I think it’s absolutely beautiful and delicate. It looks like its made out of clouds.

2. Chanel:

Ah, my Karl. It’s ridiculous that he’s been doing Chanel for so long and always manages to make it new and fresh and looking Chanel. I loved the graphic starkness of the dress and how versatile it could be. You can throw t over your equally fabulous Chanel swimsuit after a day at the beach, or just put on some mary-janes and go out partying. This is something I would definitely love to have in my closet.

3. Lacroix:

The Lacroix show was all over the place, and most of it was kind of icky. However, in the middle of the show, all these girls wearing these thoroughly modernist dresses came out and I fell in love. I love how rich the colors are and the mix of prints, materials and the big blue baubles they’re wearing. It’s very urban warrior without recalling any cheesy Xena moments in our minds.

4. Alexander McQueen:

I’m not going to say anything about the pictures, because I really think that all of you will just get it.

5. Stella McCartney:

I really do like Stella McCartney’s clothes a lot. At first I hated her, because I believed that the only reason she was designing for the house of Chloe was because she was Paul McCartney’s daughter. And then she did the Horse collection and I couldn’t contain my love for her any longer. I came out of the closet as a McCartney fan then and there. As for her work on her own label, I think she’s established a really awesome aesthetic. All the looks always seem very intelligent, and classic. Things that are worn by gallery owners and curators and countless other women with real jobs that require movement, degrees and a brain. I loved the color combination in the first look, and how sexy it is, even though it isn’t showing a lot of skin or is tight fitted. As for the swimsuit, come on, you cant get cuter than that.

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