Spring 2007 Shoes!

So I love shoes, and everyone should know that by now...
Here are my top picks for the new season:

1. Christian Louboutin:

I love these because they are both incredibly fancy and punk rock. And yes, I hate when people use that term to describe stuff, but punk rock is dead and so it is ok for me to use it. They're so high, but you know they totally have the sexiest vamp and well, its all about the vamp.

2. Chloe:

I love flats. Really, it's all I wear. These are fabulous. I like that they're almost gladiator booties, but they're maryjanes. And I love maryjanes, actually, I don't own a pair, so perhaps I should start saving up for them.

Again, with the maryjanes. I love the chunky heel and the colorblocking. They're definitely a bit tough and Courtney Love-ish circa 1994. I think I'm gonna bring the kinderwhore look back. It's about time!

3. Giorgio Armani:

I LOVED these. They remind me of a drawing of a Roman chariot or something. I mean, they just look so wonderful and that means they'd look wonderfully dainty but tough when worn. I don't own many sandals, but these I would definitely wear all summer long.

4. Louis Vuitton:

Dude. This is fucking impressionist painting for your feet!
(With fabulously sculptural heels to match.)

5. Marc Jacobs:

And so Marc continues to wow me and make me week at the knees with his amazingly wonderful heels. Its so geometric and I love it. He also did some heels with these crazy diamond-like heels and they were also wonderful. I am considering taking another job so I can afford this shoe addiction of mine in the upcoming spring.

6. Proenza Schouler:

They're chunky and fabulous. I love the mix of materials, lately wooden details on bags and shoes have been completely making me melt. They're total warrior heels and I really want them and I really want them and this is why I absolutely love Lazaro and Jack.

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