London Fall 07 I

1. Duro Olowu:

Duro Olowu started with a basic dress in beautiful patters a few seasons ago and all the fashion editors went gaga over it. I can see why. It was a very bold and vibrant and perfect for dreary fall days. The first look is great. She reminds me a bit of Anna Wintour (hello? glasses and bob!) But the pattern is very beautiful and the dress is just effortless sexy. I absolutely loved the bold pattern and the shape of the coat, not to keen on the black piping but I guess it's necessary to break up the pattern and give the coat some shape and definition.

2. Noir:

sex + power = this look.

3. Topshop:

I really, really, really wish we had Topshop in the US because this dress and this belt have my name written ALL OVER IT!

3. Danielle Scutt:

Although not season appropriate (this couldn't yell summer more if it was written in big bold letters across it), I loved the easy- jersey elegance of it.

4. Louise Goldin:

This is so wonderfully 90s. Its strong, sexy and a little odd. I love the shoes too.

5. Marios Schwab:

This reminds me a bit of Balenciaga from a couple seasons ago, but I think it's great. It's conservative yet very sexy and body conscious. I love the colors, because they're kind of dead and the Joan of Arc detail on the sleeves is killer.

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