London Fall 07 II

1. Paul Smith Women:

I think yellow is starting to grow on me, but as soon as I saw this, I fell in love. It's so bright! The contrast the coat creates with the brown blouse and beige skirt is really great also, and just in case you think that's it, you get another splash of color in the shape of bright pink bows on the shoes. Sign me up.

2. Sinha-Stanic:

Who needs a little black dress when you have awesomely sexy metallic ones?

3. Aquascutum:

Overall, this was a really cool collection. (Although with the state of London Fashion lately, anything that isnt a McQueen ripoff is good). Anywho, while I'm not completely in love with the yellow in the first look, I was completely taken aback by the weird shape of the coat/cape/raincoat. It's just too cool for words. I loved the second dress because of the great color combination and that little assymetric detail with the straps. It's new minimal.

4. Jonathan Saunders:

Finally, new London talent that doesn't suck. This was definitely one of the best London collections. It felt new and interesting. The first look is absolutely amazing in its graphic starkness. I loved the half-shell detail on the sleeve and the way he played with contrasts of color. It's a super strong look. The second look is just breathtaking. It's the sun as a dress.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs:

This is cute in the way that his stuff is always cute. I'm not going to lie. I think I'm falling out of love with him and it breaks my heart. I hope he makes up for it with the Louis Vuitton collection.

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Vih Oliveira said...

esse ultimo vestido é simplesmente Perfeito
ou melhor, o look completo esta simplesmente divino.. Eu amo Vintage e esse vestido faz bem o meu estilo!!!
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