Milan Fall 07 I

1. Burberry Prorsum:

I am seriously in love with Christopher Bailey. His past few collections have been amazing and I'm always looking forward to what he's going to do next. This collection was no exception. I loved the first look because it's so TOUGH! The short quilted jacket with the cropped sleeves is amazing and adds a ridiculous amount of attitude. The silver silk(?) skirt is also great and offers a great contrast with the toughness of the jacket and the leather gloves. The second dress is great. The floral print was SUCH a surprise and although odd. they somehow fit in with the rest of the collection. The yellows and blues are so bright and strange but it still looks super tough and not feminine at all. Bailey is a genius.

2. Giorgio Armani:

This was a good collection if a bit repetitive. But there were some nice things. The first look I loved because at first you might think its just a regular Armani suit. But it's chock full of great details (the weird collar and the voluminous skirt, for example) that make it young and modern. The second look I loved because there was something awesomely futuristic about it yet it also seemed very retro. It's lovely but with a twist.

3. Pringle of Scotland:

The juxtaposition of shiny and knit is absolutely great in this dress. I also really love the way the top half of the dress looks against her hair. Very pretty (but subversive).

4. Bottega Veneta:

Beautiful. Simple. Classic.
It's almost like a dress for a sun goddess of some sort.

5. Etro:

There's something really awesome that happens when an utterly practical look walks down the runway. Granted this couldn't be more 70s if it tried, but goddamn it if I didn't love everything about it. The weird ugly colors, the beautiful yellow belt. It's so working woman and I love it. However, the sheer black hosiery still gives me the shivers. Please designers, stop commiting this sin. Thank you.

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