Milan Fall 07 III

1. Fendi:

Ah, Karl. Always makes me weak at the knees. The first look is so amazing. If I was going to wear fur, I'd wear this. A little crazy and a whole lotta bold. The second look was absolutely great. I'd wear it exactly like that. I think I'm going to be obsessed with that leather jacket for forever. The color combination is so great and she looks so chic and relaxed. Top Notch. Hahaha (who says that anymore?)

2. Moschino:

Pure Moschino. Inspired by the classic but remade in a subversive, young, fun way.

3. Versace:

No one does sexxxed up glamour like Versace does.
The first look is so sophisticated and structured. Kinda dominatrix but the color changes the mood of it. The second dress is all fun and flash yet it still retains a certain playfulness about it that keeps it from looking trashy.

4. Gianfranco Ferre:

This is really weird and kind of ugly but I was absolutely drawn to it like a mouse to cheese. The volume and the paperbag high waist are just really really wonderful. The second look is so louche and glamorous and relaxed that I just love it. It's so effortless and she looks (literally) like a million bucks.

5. Missoni:

I'm also really getting into Missoni lately. This had a very sexy, glamorous feeling that hasn't been there in previous collections but it really worked. I loved the layering on the first look. That coat is absolutely fantastic and the dusty mauve skirt just really brings it to another level. This is also a collection that was feeling a bit 70s, but I feel like it was done very well and the looks could definitely be worn today without looking like you're going to a costume party. The second look is super va-va-voom. I think Drew Barrymore could wear it to an awards show and look super cute. The thing I loved best about this collection was the awesome belts (shown on both pictures). At first I thought it was just a cool detail, but it's not. It's a belt accentuating the places where the seams would be. Really, really cool.

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