NYC Fall 07 I

Fall season is here!! Slow start so far, but in general the first few days are kinda slow because none of the good designers want to go first. Anywho, on to the clothes!

1. BCBG Max Azria:

This line has evolved very nicely over the past few seasons. I think they've done a great job of elevating their work, without forgetting their look and their core clientele. This show had a very boudoir/art deco kind of feel. I really dug it, they aren't everyday clothes and they don't pretend to be. The first look is almost ethereal, but not in a fantasy way. It's very real, and the fur and quirky shoes add something new and different. The second dress is also ethereal but in a different, more agressive way. The stark color combination and graphic contrasted with the flowy material is absolutely wonderful, although I don't care much for the tights (opaque only for me, please) or the boots (they look cheap).

2. Yigal Azrouel:

I always associated Azrouel with older ladies who dress in that minimally classic-jersey-layers kinda deal. They always look relaxed and have their white hair perfectly coiffed. This collection was strange, because it felt very young. Not in a Lindsay Lohan kind of young, but in the way that you imagine these classic ladies were like when they were younger. I am a big fan of layering, so right off the bat, I was completely in love with it. The look is smart, a bit disheveled, and reminiscent of a world traveler that has grown to be very wise and a tad smartass. I really loved it.

3, Alice Roi:

Alice Roi was a hip, young, up-and-coming designer. Then she disappeared for a while and came back not as cool as before (at least, i feel like she had disappeared for a while. The collection was boring, but it had this one moment of brilliance in the shape of a lovely demure-coccoon dress. I am obviously ignoring everything that is going on below the kneww because that black sock/white clog combo is absolutely hideous. Like if a nurse changed to go to dinner and forgot to change her socks and shoes. UGH!

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