NYC Fall 07 II

Things have started to pick up! There have been some unexpected favorites, but I'm still waiting for that show that will blow my mind.

1. Karen Walker:

Karen Walker has slowly made her way through the fashion ranks. And I think I'm slowly falling in love. I think this look is my favorite from all the shows so far. It just exudes coolness. I think it's very chic, but also it feels very real. Real in the way that it's accessible, and real in the way that it looks like it would actually keep you warm in these very chilly days. It's a little bit retro and it's borrowing from different times, but it seems very modern. I REALLY want it.

2. Ruffian:

This is the Studio 54 vesion of Grease Lightning.
I love its dirty fabulousness.

3. Threeasfour:

I was kind of disappointed with this collection, after all, it seemed that they had made such a giant leap forward with their last collection and then they just blew it. Last season was beautiful, a bit theatrical and experimental and wearable without losing the Threeasfour touch. This collection was awkward, and a bit amateurish in its theatricality. I liked the first look, though reminiscent of some of Proenza Schouler's previous looks, because of the color palette. But also because it's very modern and endearing in its slight frumpiness. The second dress is just a sexy, slightly-edgy, fabulous premiere dress.

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