NYC Fall 07 III

Things keep slowly improving, but I think the problem is that I might not be so into the upcoming trends as I was for this coming spring. Im hoping maybe Paris will be the big kicker, but I'm not that sure.

1. DIane von Furstemberg

This was another great collection from Ms Diane. Totally fabulous prints and sexy dresses as usual. This one was my favorite, I loved how sexy it was, while still being sophisticated and smart and how the sparkle makes it cheeky. My only concern wis that I thought the styling was a little off, I think some opaque black tights wouldve really made it pop.

2. Lela Rose:

I really loved this because it was simple, classic but with a twist.
I find myself saying that a lot lately, but it can't be the return of ladylike dressing yet, can it?

3. Matthew Williamson:

Matthew Williamson is best known for his bright colorful dresses. Very fun, but nothing shocking. The print on this dress was just too amazing for my eyes. Even the weird rainbow effect going on doesn't bother me, because its just too scribble-icious and wonderful.

4. 3.i Phillip Lim:

I am seriously loving this guy more and more everyday. And I really do hope that by next fall I am making enough money that I can buy this entire outfit. I love the easy layers, plus, I'm SO into dresses right now! I also really want a shrunken leather jacket. They're hot this Spring and they'll still look awesome in the Fall.

5. Tracy Reese:

This look was just so *ooh*. Like, I looked at it and just got this cool feeling inside me that I couldn't shake or put into words. The colors are really beautiful and I'm not even bothered by the white polka dotted tights. Then when you look closer, you notice the beautifully detailed bodice. Just really cute.

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