NYC Fall 07 IV

1. Naeem Khan:

I'm not very familiar with this designer, but it doesn't matter.
All I have to say is this:
The Joan of Arc Mod Dress.
How could it be wrong?

2. Oscar de la Renta:

Oscar de la Renta makes absolutely fabulous cocktail dresses. I loved all of these because they were very classic shapes turned around through the use of color, fabric and scale. The first one is full of Monte Carlo 80' decadence. And the huge, chunky necklace raises the fab factor, and minimizes the seriousness. The second one continues with the animal print theme from the previous dress, but in a different way. The sequined "spots" are just sexy. The third one breaks away from the animal theme, but it's cheeky, young and modern by way of the "electronic"-likr print. The color palette also makes it slightly mysterious and takes some of the femininity out of such a classic-girly shape.

3. Isaac Mizrahi:

The CMYK dress, done by the wonderful and fabulous Mr. Mizrahi.
Ok, not so much CMYK but it reminds me of the color test print. Really COOL.

4. Luca Luca:

This is a classic, sexy, office to party dress. I love the material and the graphic starkness of it, while still remaining soft and feminine. I love the chunky dark tights and white shoes too.

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