NYC Fall 07: Max Azria

I think they really outdid themselves with this collection. It was beautiful, ethereal and feminine but not in a conventional way. I absolutely loved the way color and pattern were used in this dress. Perhaps it has to do a lot with the picture, but the way those weird "lines" of color converge at knee/leg is quite wonderful. I love the oversized overcoat and how its causally flung over her shoulders (well thats a lot of overs in that one sentence isnt it?)

These colors were more subdued, but I still think they are strange. I love that it's not a symmetric striped pattern and the slight funnel neck. I could do without the hat, but this a really great dress.

This is absolutely wonderful. I love love love it. It's such a mix of high and low, fabrics, everything. The beautiful, almost princess-like dress over whats probably a thin cashmere sweater (and if it isn't, then that's how I'd wea it), with theopaque tights and the wonderfully cozy cape thin. This is so glamorous but also very wearable (ok, maybe not for my daytime job.. although.. this IS New York after all).

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