NYC Fall 07: Brian Reyes

Sure, you're going to think that this dress is a potato sack. And it could be. But I also think its lovely and a little sexy. Not for everyone but for those who can pull it off it's a gem. I love the blue tights (though not with open toed sandals, ew).

This look is completely different from the previous one. It's kind of a sassy disco sailor look, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for sailor looks (must be all those sailor outfits my mom dressed me in when I was little). This is 100% wearable, if a little madcap with the stripes, the belt and the silver. Very relaxed for a sunday brunch.

Again, a complete 180 from the previous look. Although this look has less layers, it seems a little more madcap than the one before. I loved the contrast of the chunky, plaid-ish sweater with the gold brocade skirt. It's very elegant, maybe downtown elegant (that's what the magazines would say, probably). I love the way the lines in the coat are round near the neckline and then straight throughout the rest. It's a little detail, but I think it makes a big difference.

Perhaps, she wasn't wearing a gold brocade skirt under that coat. Perhaps it was this weirdly luxurious gold brocade dress. I love the weird folds at the top making everything askew. It's a little bit decadent, yet somehow it feels down to earth. Really, really cool.

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