NYC Fall 07: Proenza Schouler

Ah, once again the boys have made an exquisite collection. It had an old-world feeling to it but not in a vintage remake, just in its timeless glamour. I loved the strong silhouettes. I mean this first look is just great. That coat with those exagerated proportions and the tiny hat that only leaves the scarlet red lips visible. Now that's a look that says "Stop everything youre doing and look at me". Seriously Femme Fatale.

This continues with the strong silhouette presented on the first look but in a more "everyday" kind of way. I think I'm developing a real affinity for knits and sweaters and this feels like itd be the coziest thing to wear on early fall days. It's so simple, but speaks volumes about the woman that would wear it. That's a great little boot, too.

I also always love their use of pattern and color. This is such a simple little cocktail dress, but the pattern on the bodice is magnificent. I'm not sure yet if there's an optical illusion at work or if that greenish ribbon is in 3D. The V shaped pattern running down from the neck is also magnificent. There's a bit of tension created by the encounter of the metal gromets and the chiffon-y ribbon.

This dress expands on the theme above, but I just really loved that splash of cobalt blue.

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