Paris Fall 07 II

1. Balenciaga:

Another great collection from Nicholas Ghesquiere. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't as crazy or visionary as his previous collections, but maybe it was crazy because it was super wearable and practical. It was young but still intended for a strong woman. I love the first look because it's relaxed and sophisticated, yet there's something slightly askew about it that lets me know this isn't your typical Polo/Preppy dressing. The second dress is pure Nicholas. I love the high contrast and the super awesome blue tights. I'm not so into those sandal things she's wearing though, what I did like, though, were his amazing primary color-sneaker-platform-sandal...
Can you believe these?

2. Ann Demeulemeester:

Ann's girl doesn't change from season to season. She is intelligent, strong and serious and almost always wears black. This look is so feminine and soft, yet somehow it retains the kick-your-ass attitude that Demeulemeester is known for. I love the asymmetric vest too. The prints are based on Kara Walker's work, which I think was such a nice, nerd-y detail.

3. Junya Watanabe:

This is absolutely fierce!
I can't believe I just used that word, but it's just true.
I loved the leather jacket in the first look. At first you think it's just a regular motorcycle jacket and then you realize all of the different details that take it to another level. The second look is just deliciously subversive. Very kinder-whore which I'm reeeally trying to bring back.

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