Paris Fall 07: Alexander McQueen

Mr. McQueen, Genius.
The style.com review wasn't very friendly, but I thought this collection was absolutely amazing and classic McQueen. The shapes, the contrast in colors, the tightly tailored waists, everything was just the way that it should be. There were also many wearable pieces (not that I chose those to be included here though, haha).

Somehow this feels like the most gothic look ever, yet it's done completely in white. It's such a simple dress but with amazing architectural qualities.

Even though it looks like she's wrapped a rug or a plate around her, I still love this. Actually, maybe that's why I love it. Gold and blue are always a great combination.

Oh. My. God. To be a queen and wear this. (I swear there was no pun intended). The blood-red color is amazing. The contrast in the Hard outer shell and the fluffy(?) underdress is amazing. This is SO tough and almost violent, but I just love it.

Beautifully hypnotic beaded dress. Somehow I imagine Cate Blanchett would LOVE this dress.

Hello Beautiful!

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