Paris Fall 07 III

1. Akkris:

This is absolutely futuristic without being space age-y.
Quite brilliant if you think about it.

2. Andrew Gn:

There's a weird art deco/medieval vibe about this that I really dig. It's soft and pretty.
At the same time I think it looks a little lame and cheap.
So that means that I either absolutely hate it or I love it.
But I definitely love that.

3. Christian Lacroix:

Hugely disappointing show. This was the only look I liked and only because I think it's denim. Actually, that's not true. If it was silk taffeta I would still like it because it's a cool shape. I also adore the gaudy jewelry and belt together. So decadent!

4. Givenchy:

This collection was an absolute disaster. Ew. It was ugly, unimaginative and lame. This was the only decent look in the collection, only because it was weird and kind of ugly, but possibly too influenced by the likes of Marni to really be able to stand on its own. The bottomline? They should've never fired McQueen. But I still like this.

5. Karl Lagerfeld:

It worries me that this was the only look in the collection that I liked. But I think it makes Daria Werbowy's body looked weird. Either that or she gained some weight, actually I think she had a baby cause in another fashion show her boobs looked gynormous, but I digress. (And, no, I'm not saying she looks fat). I really loved the shoes and the contrast of materials. And I guess in the end, that's all that matters.

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