Paris Fall 07 IV

1. Yves Saint Laurent:

I am still not completely sold on Stefano Pilati. Every season I feel SO weighed down by what he does. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a real woman would wear any of these. They're always so heavy with the "theme" that they start looking more like costumes than anything else. Anyways, the first look is great because it's so simple in its luxury. It looks kinda rough too which gives it a slight edge and makes it stand out from other bejeweled grey frocks. The second look I call "Princess Slutty Secretary" (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's still lovely.

2. Celine:

I love this dress. It's almost like tie-dye, yet somehow it lacks all hippie qualities and looks more like abstract art. But also I think I liked it because it reminds me of Gaetano Pesce. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of vases like this one that we have at my store. Super cool.

3. Emanuel Ungaro:

I LOVE this dress! I love the shape, the sparkles and the colors. Reminds me of Bauhaus (the design movement, not the band).

4. Haider Ackerman:

This was a beautifully weird show. Kinda goth the way goths should really be and not in that "Welcome to Goth Talk-Chris Kattan-Molly Shannon" SNL skit. The first look is awesome because of the asymetry in the jacket. The layers are great, the shoes are weird but kinda sexy also. The color palette is somber without being depressing. It's just too cool for words. The second dress is really simple and slinky but the draping around the neck reminds me of the gold rings that the women from the Ndebele tribe in Africa wear around their necks.

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