Paris Fall 07: Louis Vuitton

What a beautiful collection! I knew Marc wouldn't let me down this season; I mean his namesake collection was eeehh-alrrriite, his Marc by Marc was more of the same (or could it be that I've outgrown it? OMG a Mature Laia? Insane!), but this collection was full of color and life and awesomeness. He titled the collection "Girl with a Monogram Handbag" a reference to Vermeer's Painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" which was also a movie starring Scarlett Johanssen (currently grazing the pages of magazines everywhere as the face of their Spring advertising campaign. See hoes everything's connected?), which means that he took colors from his paintings and other details from Dutch traditions and styles.

I love the colors in this look and the contrast between the different fabrics and materials (yes, I know I say that a lot, but it's the thing that I like so deal with it). It's very spring-like and sophisticated (I guess this is supposed to be fall, so that may not be a good thing?) The skirt is one of my favorite parts of it.

Super Luxe. I love the easy-glamour of this look. That skirt has my name all over it.

Totally crazy but fun and wonderful. Might be practical when flying somewhere, no need to bring a pillow! (Although if you can afford this, you probably fly first class where the seats become beds and you get sundaes for dessert; or you know, you have a private plane.)

I'm not a big fan of the fuzzy sweater but this look is very very cool. The skirt is fantastic and the look is simple and elegant. Just put it on and go!

Oh, as soon as I saw this I let out a sigh. It's so gorgeous. The colors, the shape, everthing. It's a little messy but utterly fabulous.

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