Paris Fall 07: Nina Ricci

My Olivier is back!
And oh, how I missed him.

Olivier Theyskens is the newly appointed designer for Nina Ricci. Before this job, he had been designing for Rochas, to great critical acclaim (and I believe the sales were't disappointing), in any case Procter & Gamble bought Nina Ricci (I don't know why), and then proceeded to fire him immediately. Which is fucking bullshit (pardon my French). Anywho, so he's back this season with his first collection and it was so wonderful and undeniably him, except a different side. He was still the same romantic he was before, but this time it's for a younger audience and a more "everyday-wear" kind of feel. Before I saw his stuff and wished I could be mature enough or have a fancy affair to go to so I could wear his dresses, now, it feels incredibly accessible without losing any of its charm.

This jacket is fantastic! The "swirl" is a recurring theme in the collection and I love it because it makes me think of movement. Modern women always have places to go and these clothes are ready for it!. But seriously, I love the jacket and the skinny grey jeans and everything. I'd wear this exactly as shown here.

This sweater rules my life with an iron fist. I have never seen something that looked so cozy yet totally avant-garde. God I want this so bad!

The ultimate goddess dress, perfect for a wedding at the beach....or the moon.

This dress rules. The color palette blows my mind, the neon yellow-green color is so unexpected and not at all supposed to look delicate but it just does. Absolute dream.

Another dream gown. Oh, I just can't handle it. It's beautiful, yes, but when you start thinking about the fact that it's actually fabric (maybe chiffon?) that's been pleated/draped/manipulated to look like this, then you gotta give it up for the man.

I'm speechless.
I love this too much.

This show made me so happy.
I hope it does the same for you,

FUN FACT: Up until recently my aim screename was theyskensgrl. HAHA. SHUTUP.

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