Paris Fall 07: Undercover

I fell completely in love with this collection. I understand why everyone's been saying Jun Takahashi is a genius.

I love EVERYTHING about this look. As a matter of fact I want to wear it that exact same way. I love the acidity of the yellow dress, the layered look of the jacket with that subtle color palette and the absolutely awesome, awesome shoes. I love it so much I just wrote one long run-on sentence, but you understand don't you?

Wah! Wah! I want this too! This coat is sooo cool! I love the bit of volume on the shoulder and the ribbed(?) cuffs. Everyone needs to have a camel-colored coat for winter, right? Well, here's mine.

And then this little gem came out, completely different from all the rest! It's so fragile and filled with secret old-world glamour secrets. Don't you think? It seems like a treasure unearthed from a dusty vault that you found invthe attic of the abandoned old house you just moved in. The one with all the furniture covered in white dusty sheets.
(I loved all the contrast; in colors, in materials, in textures. Oh how I loved it!)

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