Paris Fall 07 VII

1. Lanvin:

Alber Elbaz is definitely shaping up to be one of the best designers. His clothes are always subtly avant-garde and severely sexy without being vulgar. This collection was beautiful, stunning silhouettes, incredible details and a brilliant color palette. The purple colors were just absolute stunning. I think the Prismacolor pencil would be Mulberry (which is in my Top 5 colors; with Process Red being the first). Anyways, I loved the shape and the delicate voluminous sleeves. I also loved the fuschia shoes. They make the dress young and cool. He also made this dresses with minimal seams that just wrapped and pleated in a beautiful way. You can see a bit of that in the second image when you look at the model wearing the red dress. I really love dresses that are simple in the front and full of drama in the back. This is a quiet drama, but it commands attention nonetheless. The other detail that I really love, and it's something he uses a lot, is the exposed metal zipper. I loved how severe yet ladylike it is. Perfect for the office yet totally devilish for night.
These are the clothes for the sophisticated grownup I want to be!

2. Miu Miu:

According to the style.com review, this show was totally concept driven and the message that Miuccia Prada was trying to deliver had something to do with how women today cut and fill their body up with stuff to fulfill the modern beauty standard. I'm not going to wax poetic about that because I wasn't there to see all the details that she saw and the liner notes of the shows and stuff. I mean, it totally makes sense so I really urge you to go read it over on style.com. Messages aside, this was a bold and bright collection full of amazing volume and texture. The rubberized leathers were awesome and I was very keen on the tucking of the shirt inside the hosiery elastic (when I was a ballerina, I would wear my tights and my leotard and then Id wear black tights over it and fold over the elastic waistband over my skirt. Yes, there are trends in the ballet world too). It was a little bit retro, but in a cute Mary Tyler Moore-Girl-Moving-to-the-Big-City kinda thing. I really loved it.

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Carolina Lange said...

The Lanvin show was realy well done, but I didn't love Miu Miu...