Paris Fall 07 VIII

1. Elie Saab:

Just a pretty little cocktail dress (with pockets!).

2. Colette Dinnigan:

This was a nice collection. Just nice, literally. Nothing to wow me but nothing to make me vomit either. I love this silver trenchcoat. It's flashy but matte enough to be worn everyday.

3. Vionnet:

Sophia Kokosalaki is in charge of reviving the house of Vionnet, which is virtually unknown to anyone that didn't take a fashion history class. She is definitely the perfect person to take on the job, as her designs have always had a way with draping and pleating and manipulating fabric. She has made a beautiful collection that does not rely on retro glamour or vintage rehashing. It's subtle, quiet and utterly fabulous. The trenchcoat is fantastic. I think it's leather, but it really doesn't matter. The a-line is quiet and ladylike, yet it does not make it saccharine sweet. The second outfit is marvelous. It's soo disheveled yet perfectly put together. I love the mix of fabrics and color, like she just threw all those things on haphazardly and ended up looking amazing. I'm excited to see what Kokosalaki will do in the future.

4. Sophia Kokosalaki:

Kokosalaki is the master of beautifully pleated dresses. That's not all she does, of course, but it's her absolutely standout skill at her own label (she's also designing for the newly revived house of Vionnet). She's always designs very feminine clothes for very strong women and this collection was no exception. The first look is totally motorcycle chic, but softer. I love the way the skirt is constructed and if I had that awesome leather jacket I'd be the happiest camper ever. The dress is one of her trademark pleated dresses. I love the delicious raspberry color and the way the tiny tiny pleats change direction to almost create a pattern. What I also think is wonderful about her, is that even though this is a very complex dress to create, when worn seems so unfussy and chic that no accessories are needed. Just a wonderful pair of shoes and a great attitude. I chose the last outfit because I really love the contrast between the slate grey and the silver. It's such a great little number for a cocktail party. A little strange, yes, but mostly glamorous.

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