Paris Fall 07: Vivienne Westwood

This was a really awesome collection. I don't remember seeing Westwood's shows on style.com before, but that doesn't really matter. It was really cool and pretty and full of her unique savoir faire.

Fashionable medieval undergarments!
I don't think this would work in real life (could people please stop wearing leggings as pants? If the top doen't come to at least 1 inch under your ass then you need to wear a skirt or shorts or something. I'm tired of seeing jiggly ass fat while I'm on the subway), anywho, it wouldn't work in real life just as presented there, but its made up of awesome little pieces.

Working woman glamour. That coat is absolutely fantastic, I'm especially in love with the color. The dress under it is smart and deconstructed and just a little gem. I love that it's so real-life friendly. You don't need to work at an advertising agency or a fashion magazine to pull this off. It's real life-real woman compatible. Which is pure Vivienne, no?

It wouldn't be Westwood if it wasn't a little punk.
Disheveled galmour and sparkle with some old sweater that was lying on the couch and you threw it on before you left for that fancy cocktail party. Heads will turn and everyone will be jealous they don't have the guts to wear this. If worn by any celebrity it would end up on a worst-dressed list, but that's just because normies have no vision of the future.

Doesn't she look MARVELOUS in this photograph?
And apart from how good she looks, this picture is just great. The colors are fabulous and that backdrop looks great.

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