Paris Fall 07 VI

1. Chloe:

So they finally named a new designer for Chloe. I was very surprised at the fact that they picked a boy. Paolo Melim Andersson is following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo, and I think this collection was a great step forward. I believe the Chloe creative team did two collections by themselves after Philo left, and they were mostly variations on her wildly popular and influential last collection. This collection signaled a new direction, but I definitely think it kept the youthful spirit that characterizes the brand. The shoes are still chunky and the clothes still quirky and cute. I loved the first look because of the print. Even though it's a very girly flower print, upon first look it just seems like polka-dots gone askew. The second one is more in tune with offerings from previous seasons, but I thought it was a good combination of old and new. The sweater is quite lovely. I'll admit that the third look was kind of out of place. But I thought it was too cool to dwell on such a small detail. I loved the contrast in colors, patterns and materials. Plus, I really dig those booties.

2. Dries Van Noten:

This is another one of the labels that I wish I could wear. I always imagine it as the clothes worn by the most eccentric and fabulous of the nerds. I loved the styling with the loose socks and the oxford shoes (which I've been trying to find for a while). I love the oversize/simplified paisley print. It's bold and simple. The coat is just the right amounts of cute but interesting. The funnel neck and pocket make it perfect. The third look I call "desert explorer". The color palette is wonderful and I love the pairing of the girly chiffon dress with the chocolate brown skinny leather pants. The coat is sexy in that way that girls like to put on their boyfriends' shirts and jackets. Very carefree. The color makes the luxurious quality of it look more like an everyday item.

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Carolina Lange said...

I loved these collections, Chloe and Dries Van Noten. Fantastic! Your blog is really great, the pictures and hte text! Congrats!