The Perfect Pair of Black Pumps

Every girl needs to have a pair of black pumps in her closet. Somehow my closet was lacking a pair*. Inspired by my new-found obsession for all things fancy and ladylike, and with the excuse of my sweet new job; I decided to go on a search. My first stop was Nine West; all their regular pumps were too slutty or old lady-ish, and I was looking for something young and cool. (Although they did have a cool pair of cool patent leather wedges with a nice rounded toe, that I ended up buying just in case I couldn't find what I was looking for. They were returned later that evening). After Nine West I headed to Bergdorf Goodman to attend to some business. While I was there, I decided to check out their shoe selection. On the second floor, where all the main brands are, there were many great pairs of black pumps. But none of them really embodied the characteristics of my dream shoe! (And the ones that did were way, way, way beyond my price range). I went up to the fifth floor (aka the young stuff), to see their selection. I knew that there was a promising pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs that I wanted to try out. At the 5th floor, I found many contenders for my dream shoe. I went around examining each one (and discarding them for reasons such as too high, too cheap, too slutty, etc) and eventually settled on trying on 4 pairs (and a fabulous pair of Repetto patent leater lace-ups that they still don't have in my size). I tried on the aforementioned Marc pumps, as well as a peeptoe version with a smaller heel. Also a pair of Theory peeptoes, and another pair of super sexy Jill Stuart pumps.

I tried on the Jill Stuart pair first, and while they were really beautiful and sexy, the heel was too skinny for everyday walking/standing around all day, so they were disqualified. The Theory ones were in the running until I realized that perhaps their shoes were too wide for me, as my foot was slipping out of the peephole. Well, also because what I really wanted was a classic pair of pumps, not the younger-peephole version. It was down to the two Marc pairs. The pumps were gorgeous. Beautiful slightly cone shaped heel, patent leather covered heel and a perfect not too round/not too pointy toe. The lower heel with the peeptoe was cute, but I wasn't looking for cute. So the pumps won. And not only are they super hot, but they're also quite comfortable even if they're 4" (which I swear they don't feel like at all).

So get to it ladies, and if you already have the perfect pair of black pumps, they come in other colors too!

*I have owned pairs of black pumps that I've left behind during my moves. The first was a pair of patent leather pointed mary janes with a spiky heel. They always made me feel like a woman. My most recent pair from Gap was discarded because they were poorly made and killed my feet in 4 different places.

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