Fall 07 Bag Report:

Accessories. They're what makes any outfit fun and I have a particular obsession with shoes (but what girl doesn't?), I've also been on the hunt for a new bag lately, and although I can't afford any of these, it's nice to dream, no?

1. Chloe:

I love this bag. I think they released it this season, but that yummy patent leather green is making me swoon. The huge zipper detail is great and the handles aren't too small. Absolutely perfect.

2. Fendi:

Geometric Heaven. Actually, if I could afford any of these bags, this is the one I get because I bet no one else would have it. It's not super-logo or trendy and it would certainly go with absolutely everything I own. Also, it would age so well! Karl Lagerfeld is still a genius.

3. Marc Jacobs:

This bag is a wonderful departure from all the bags he's been doing recently. All of a sudden everything is quilted and says MARC JACOBS in big obnoxious studs. Meanwhile, his absolutely beautiful and practical bags of the past have gone the way of the dodo. Where's my Stella bag now? WHERE? Sorry, I had a moment, The bag is huge and logo free and has all the makings of a classic.

4. Louis Vuitton:

After all these years, Marc can still come up with ways to make the ho-hum (and horribly ubiquitous) LV monogram fresh and cool. I think I would actually carry this!

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