Fall 07 Shoe Report:

I love shoes.
You know it, I know it, the American people know it.
These are the ones that make me swoon (and start a savings account).

1. Alessandro Dell'Aqcua:

This is a shoe for a subversive ballerina. The front part is most definitely that "european pink" that drove me crazy (in a good way) when I was a young ballerina. The white and black leather lend it an edge, and nothing makes anything more dangerously sexy than ankle straps (and there's two!) This is definitely not a shoe for Sugarplum Faeries.

2. Chanel:

I love these booties because; a) they're white, and white shoes are always obnoxious, and, b) plaid! plaid! plaid!. These would brighten up any boring outfit and inject it with a super dose of chic.

3. Christian Louboutin:


These are so beautiful and elegant and I just can't even handle it. When I first saw them, I just let out a little gasp and an "oh, wow". Absolutely perfect.

4. Lanvin:

These are dangerously sexy shoes, without being skanky.
Totally fabulous.

5. Manolo Blahnik:

How these shoes can be really weird, yet completely classic at the same time, I have no idea. They make me think of sustainable housing, but I think I like it. The color is also absolutely fabulous.

6. Proenza Schouler:

Oh. My. God.
I love the color so much, and the material and the shape of the heel, and the slightly pointy-yet-rounded toe. They're fabulously retro, but undoubtedly modern. I just love them.

7. Versace:

The zipper detail is absolutely fantastic. The "on a platform" platform is genius, and the heel is dan-ge-rous. These shoes ooze so much sex appeal, which is what Versace is all about. I can't help but swooooon.

8. Chloe:

Chloe's innocent 60s girl has finally met her kinderwhore 90s counterpart.
These are super grunge and I'm totally on the bandwagon to bring it back.

9. Prada:

No one does the future quite like Miuccia does.
The curved heel is absolutely beautiful and intriguing. These shoes are fun and they make me feel like they are pretecting my feet. (You know in that "in the future we'll wear protective clothing" kinda way). The wide band is reminiscent of a mary-jane but revolutionized. I'm definitely on team Prada all the way to the end.

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