Resort 08: Chanel

I thought this was a great collection. Especially considering that I didn't care much for the fall collection, but I loved everything about it; the inspiration, the details and the shoes (OMG THE SHOES!)

This was the first look in the show. Precise Perfection, if you will. Yeah, it's kind of odd, and no one would probably be able to pull it off in real life, but it's so chic and practical and practical is the future.

Perfectly modern for a girl in the city. I'm loving the stark quality and those marvelous shoes.

This is SO cool! Perfectly put together, but in a nonchalant way. Love the pants and the awesome platforms that no doubt lurk under those giant flared legs.

How amazingly Chanel is this dress! It's weird but it's about the chicest thing I've ever seen. The kind of dress that would surely land certain celebrities on the worst dressed list, but you know it's just that the world is wrong and the world is not ready for FASHION.
That was kinda lame right? But you know what I mean...

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