Resort 08: Christian Dior

Oh, Galliano, what a wonderful man you are! This collection was absolutely exquisite and marvelous; full of old-school charm and the kind of women that just don't exist anymore. I am currently reading Diana Vreeland's autobiography and somehow I imagine she would've just flipped over these clothes and all its brocades and hats. Nevermind that Resort is usually shown in showrooms as a very low key affair, this was just pure opulence and luxury. Real Luxury. With a capital L, not any of those faux-luxes from today that believe it is just a logo bag or a bottle tan.

This is what Ladies look like. I love the juxtaposition of the oversized, almost clumsy hat, with this beautiful suit in such a wonderful fabric. The collar of the jacket reminds of a preppy girl with her sweater tied around her shoulders and somehow I think that image is fitting with this look. She almost looks like a fashion illustration, all exaggerated shapes and all.

I am not a fan of animal prints. At all. In my closet there is one leopard print skirt which I bought only to pay homage to Gwen Stefani in the Sunday Morning video (I know, I know...). I still wear it every once in a while and it makes me feel fabulous, but I'm very careful the way I wear it because the road from animal prints to trashy is really not a road but a stoplight. (did that make sense?) This, though, is not trashy. It's the kind of dress one of the women in Valley of the Dolls might've worn. A little on the naughty side, but still so very Capri-lunch-by-the-beach-fantastic. Prim and proper with a secret lifestyle.

...and speaking of seaside sex appeal...

(It's so fabulous it's borderline ridiculous, but if you're gonna do something, you should just do it all the way).

When I get married in Fellini's Satyricon, this is what I'll be wearing.
(I know that styling has a lot to do with this, but Coco looks drop-dead gorgeous in it. The detail at the shoulder is so subtle but brings a sophisticated va-voom to it. Her hair is awsesome too).

Look at this fabric! Have you ever seen something so beautiful? I cannot imagine how this looked in person! It's such a princess dress, the kinds you only saw in movies in the 60s that the magic of Technicolor had recreated in an unrealistically bright palette. The kind you looked at now and wished you lived during those times to be able to wear such beautiful clothes. But it also reminds me a little of The Empress in Neverending Story.

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