Mary-Kate and Ashley Can Do No Wrong

So how great did these girls look at the CFDA events? Seriously. And let it be known that I absolutely love them and the way they dress. Sure, it's a little kooky sometimes, but you can't deny that they are totally having fun with fashion and that's the way it should be. Plus, it's obvious that they have a thing for awesome shoes, and since god knows I'll never get to wear towering Balenciaga heels in real life, I'm glad they're around to do it for me. The tuxedo looks looked really fresh and modern and I loved the flowy gowns with the Miu Miu bag. I can't wait to see what The Row, their new line, looks like.

Addendum: My apologies for not posting before, but in between my internet dying and finally hanging out with a friend, it was impossible. In any case, all that's missing is my other post for my CFDA hopefuls, which actually turned out to be the winners. Well, except for Derek Lam, because I wanted the accessories award to go to Marc Jacobs, because even if the collections aren't as good as before, the shoes are always the best in the New York collections. I am super psyched that Proenza Schouler won, because they deserve it! Ok. That's all that you missed. Carry on.

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