Resort 08: Gucci

What a beautiful show this was. I think this is the first collection where I get a strong sense of who Frida Giannini is, and what she wants to do with the Gucci woman. It was strong, bold, sexy and fabulous and filled with great dresses and killer accessories.

I love this look. Is very retro, but the colors and patterns make it edgy. I absolutely adore the skirt, and the pairing with white shoes, which I'm always a fan of, because they're slightly obnoxious.

Perfect little dress to throw on and go to work and a party afterwards. The bag is fantastic too.

I love this because it's just cool, and can be easily re-created at home. I am coveting those shoes like a madwoman though.

This is a great summer dress. The pattern is fresh but not overtly feminine or lame. The belt gives it a slight S&M feel, but it all works together beautifully.

Gorgeous. I really need to get some yellow in my wardrobe, except I'm not entirely sure it works on me. I could see Lily Allen in this dress, though.

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