Resort 2008 I

Sorry it's taken me a while to posts these, I've been very busy and stressed this week. But now, here are the clothes!

1. Oscar de la Renta:

Mr. de la Renta makes beautiful clothes for Women. Yes, with a capital W. After all these years he manages to make beautifully modern clothes that are still evocative of his very lady-like aesthetic. The first look is a little futuristic, but very easy going. The red patent leather top is subdued by a minimal white pencil skirt and easy sandals. Very cool. The last two are classic little summer dresses; perfect for a sunday brunch in the park or a 60s femme fatale.

2. Carolina Herrera:

Carolina Herrera, like Oscar de la Renta, makes beautiful clothes for women who love luxury and femininity. She utilizes lots of decadent fabrics in classic silhouettes. She is also one of the classiest ladies ever, and I hope I'm like her when I grow up. I love the simple coat in such an extravagant flower print. It's bold without being obnoxious. The second dress is pure romanticism, perfect for a wedding in a secret garden.

3. Badgley Mischka:

When I was growing up Badgley Mischka was all the rage. Every Oscar gown and every fantasy dress was made by them. Then they disappeared. They came back a few seasons ago but they hadn't really recaptured their zest until this collection. It still had a few "what was that?" but overall it was very pretty. The bright yellow in this dress makes it amazing. It's such a simple shape, but it's a total goddess gown. Yellow is the new accent color this year. That, I'm sure of.

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